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“Yes, but he would not want to go back to our apartment,” Ohno replied in a weak voice.

“Because I failed to remember his birthday.” “So what if you forgot his birthday? Easy.” Jun raised his voice as he couldn't hold his anger anymore, “That brat is ridiculously lame. Ugh.” “But Leader has always forgotten Nino’s birthday since they started going out! All of the boys drowned into silence, before they heard someone abruptly opened their green room’s door. I don't know how, but you guys have to bring him out of that stupid hotel room and make him stop whining and complaining and ordering me with so many impossible things just because he’s mad at Ohno-san!

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“Not again.” “Leader, why are you so lame at these kind of things? He ran as fast as he could, leaving Jun speechless and befuddled. I have an important meeting in the next two hours.”"You're always have some important meeting." Ohno speak almost yell, not irritated, "Just spare some time for me."Jun can only do but sigh. A few minutes ago, Aiba-chan had called and informed him that a car had hit their leader and now he was under treatment in ICU. In front of an isolated glass room, he saw the over-emotional Aiba hugging Sho tightly and crying his heart out, while Jun was standing there nervously, biting his lips and not even trying to hide his trembling hands. ” Nino said coldly as he got closer to his friend and took a seat across from the glass room. When he heard a knock on the glass from the outside, he turned his head to see a big poster with ‘Happy Belated Birthday Kazu’, ‘Sorry for always forgetting” and ‘I LOVE YOU’ lifted by Aiba, Sho and Jun. I am so sorry for being such a forgetful jerk and I love you,” Ohno said sincerely as he drew the oxygen hose away from his mouth and propped himself up in a sitting position. “You said that it’d be okay that I forgot your birthday if I wake up,” Ohno said stubbornly. ” Ohno shook Nino’s body eagerly, while the other Arashi members outside the glass room were starting to knock on the glass wall. I’m a patient.” Ohno replied with a pout and shut his eyes tightly. It was Nino playing his solo, Niji, in their AAA concert. ” That was Jun’s final scream before the elevator doors closed to leave the two lovers to enjoy their time. ” Nino asked Ohno as they sat on the couch at their apartment, “I know the others had to help you.

Ohno has lived in the forests in Hokkaido, the Cayman Islands, and Hawaii, which all inspire his continued representation of what he calls the primeval forest.